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The digital solution to grow your online pharmacy!

Choose the ContactaPharmacy experience to increase your sales and improve your digital presence.


We offer a wide range of customized digital services for pharmacies, including the creation of a custom application, social media management, ecommerce, digital marketing, blog and newsletter content, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization and much more Still.


An app tailor-made for your pharmacy.

Simplify your work.


Expand your business beyond limits.

Open your e-commerce.

Social Media

Improve customer engagement.

Harness the power of social media.

Pharmacy 2.0

Become a leader in your area: ContactaPharmacy places your pharmacy at the center of local attention, guaranteeing you an exceptional ROI.

Don’t let your pharmacy fall behind.

Join us and discover how our innovative services can take your business to new horizons of success.



1. Home page

The application opens with a page containing the buttons/functions that best represent your physical pharmacy.

2. Products

The entire range of 30,000 items is loaded into the APP with buttons dedicated to individual areas and product ranges.

3. Services

All the services offered by your pharmacy are offered with dedicated function keys, Events included.

4. Pharmacy

This section includes services for therapeutic adherence, the integration of wearable devices and direct contact with the pharmacist.

5. Personal Profile

The customer can find his current orders, services, health drawer and preferences here.

6. Data Management

Each APP is a PHARMACY BRAND, which guarantees the highest level of security ensuring that all customer information remains in the hands of the pharmacist.


Integration of cutting-edge technologies to ensure high performance and stability of the application.

Payment in APP

Offer your customers convenience
to make payments
directly from the app,
quickly and safely.

Data analysis

Detailed reports that provide key information on
user behavior,
the most visited pages and more.


The Fidelity Card for your pharmacy: build a base of loyal and satisfied customers..


Bring the doctor directly to your home!
Discover the latest innovations in Telemedicine:
A cure just a click away!



Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your business and become part of our network of industry professionals. Contact us for more information on how to become our partner and get all the benefits of our experience and customized solutions.


Contacta Pharmacy has a story of renewal to tell, a project born in the midst of a pandemic, an example of how to see an opportunity in critical situations, a story that is based on the ability to reread the market and vision, an Italian example that today more than ever We hope it can be taken as a reference by many.


Contacta Pharmacy gives life to Pharmacy 4.0 where a bundle of internet-based technologies adapt to the needs of the pharmacist, facilitating interactions with the world of the drug industry and its related industries which includes intermediate distributors, general practitioners, veterinarians and healthcare facilities specialized.


Structured and specialized company for application solutions for the pharmacy. Their Pharma point application is excellent and allows pharmacists to retain customers and customers to have their trusted pharmacy close at hand. Excellent service


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