1. Order and Delivery

In real-time, the customer can check the availability of a product and/or medication and can purchase it immediately, deciding whether to pick it up at the Pharmacy or take advantage of home delivery.

2. Offers and Agreements

Within YOUR APP, showcase products and services you want to highlight and promote. Reach all your customers by sending them personalized notifications within their smartphones.

3. Service Reservations

The possibility to book the day and time of services provided by the Pharmacy can save time for both the customer and the pharmacists. Additionally, appointment management becomes smoother.

4. Prescription Management

An easy and intuitive way to manage all types of prescriptions (veterinary, electronic, galenic, white, or red). This way, the customer can conveniently enter all the data from home, and pharmacists can save time to serve a greater number of customers at the counter.

5. Push Notifications

You can send push notifications to the customer’s application to inform them about updates, promotions, and/or communicate something important, such as approval for the pickup at the Pharmacy of ordered products.

6. Therapeutic Adherence

Stay constantly updated on the customer’s therapies and periodically send them instant messages with advice and suggestions.



The first application platform created with our customers’ needs in mind. We questioned the market and its users about the needs that needed to be satisfied when considering the best application that the market could comprehend. The approach we took, which was to build Contacta Pharmacy’s best and most customizable solution from the ground up, was the most challenging. It required the formation of a TEAM of medical experts and IT specialists with a wide range of specialties who, after months of research, produced the project that gave Contacta Pharmacy its start. Our path led to the “PHARMAPUNTO” MOBILE PLATFORM, which is now available for download from the IOS and ANDROID stores, which is our entry-level solution. The program responds to the most cutting-edge privacy trends, priorities that we now control thanks to BLOCKCHAIN. All of our solutions are tailored to our customers’ needs and the audience they are intended for.


The design of the site entails the assignment of a dedicated professional to the pharmacist for the development of an OMNICHANNEL logic digital communication strategy. All web solutions are designed to highlight the pharmacy brand and marketing strategy. According to our procedure, the professional will guide the owner in the study of the strategy to be implemented, in accordance with the needs and objectives that the pharmacist will indicate to us. Every one of our DEDICATED consultants will present a strategic plan that will serve as the operational line in an OMNICHANNEL logic.

Social Management

The creation of the COMMUNICATION PLAN, which is shared with the digital professional, is required for the planning of social campaigns in line with the plan defined in the OMNICHANNEL logic. The SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER will schedule communication and outings, check conversions and RESULTS, and implement the best solutions weekly by planning time and work.

Digital Flyer

Contacta Pharmacy’s DIGITAL FLYER is the perfect solution for a HIPER-LOCAL activity. The ORGANIC PLANT of the pharmacy suggests that all social campaigns lose meaning if they are not concentrated within the Ministerial license’s perimeter. OUR SOLUTION WAS DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOR PHARMACISTS WHO NEED TO IMPLEMENT TARGETED AND TERRITORIALLY LIMITED MARKETING STRATEGIES. The digital flyer reaches new customers by displaying a dedicated promotion such as a gift, a discount, or a special treatment reserved for flyer owners, all in a simple and quick manner.


The pandemic and lock-down have created a demand for drug delivery to the customer’s home. Despite the fact that this service contradicts the strategy of bringing customers closer to the physical pharmacy, we believe that it will be increasingly requested in the future. Contacta Pharmacy’s perspective is “FUTURE,” and in this logic, we have integrated the delivery service within our platforms, as well as optional services if needed.


Contacta Pharmacy has developed a series of services that facilitate TELEMEDICINE access in the pharmacy in its ecosystem of pharmacy-specific solutions. The APP platform includes a telemedicine section that, when activated, allows the user of the Application downloader pharmacy to interact directly with the section dedicated to specific services, scheduling a visit, communicating directly with the specialist doctor, and much more.