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1. Home page

The application opens with a page containing the buttons/functions that best represent your physical pharmacy.

2. Products

The entire range of 30,000 items is loaded into the APP with keys dedicated to the individual areas and product ranges.

3. Services

All the services offered by your pharmacy are offered with dedicated function keys, Events included.


4. Pharmacy

This section includes services for therapeutic adherence, wearable device integration, and direct contact with the pharmacist.

5. Personal Profile

The customer can find their current orders, services, healthcare drawer, and preferences here.

6. Data Management

Each APP is a PHARMACY BRAND, guaranteeing the highest level of security while ensuring that all customer information stays in the pharmacist’s hands.


We are committed to positioning the pharmacy as a leader in its local digital market, integrating online and offline and sharing the best strategy to increase user frequency in the pharmacy.

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With the Ministerial Decree of November 2011 for the dematerialization of pharmaceutical prescriptions with the transmission of dispensing data by pharmacies in Italy, we begin to talk about the digitization process in a structured way. In 2014, with Legislative Decree No. 17/2014 amending Legislative Decree No. 29/2006, a regulatory system was created that regulated and limited access to the online drug sales business in Italy.

In this scenario, Contacta Group in September 2020 gives life to Contacta Pharmacy, a spin-off created by bringing together a TEAM of the sector and digital experts who, inheriting strategic marketing skills, give life to the first structure of digital professionals specialized in the drug distribution market.

The relationships with leading drug distribution structures, the trade union, and the service companies have generated a network of relationships and expanded the business opportunities that have “THE PHARMACY” as their nerve center. We did not start from the product/solution but from the Pharmacist, from his needs, a process of discontinuity for the past that makes Contacta Pharmacy an icon of the market, a point of reference for many stakeholders who live around the Pharma market.

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